My Travels

I want to see the marvels of the world; rural and urban areas; mega cities and small barrios; oldest structures and high rise buildings; swim seas, rivers, and springs. I love to see the world, experience different cultures and see its beauty. If I can make travelling as my source primary source of income, why not. Hopefully I will be ready to leave it all behind and travel the world soon.

The very first country I have visited (because of work) is Singapore. I distinctly remember not having enough funds for that and I was just able to roam around the streets near the hotel. I haven’t been affected by the travel “bug” at the same time, I don’t have yet the financial means to travel. I remember just having my dinner at McDonalds or any other fast food to manage the travel advance I got from the company. I literally don’t have extra money for myself nor have a credit card that time.

My trip to Singapore was followed by a trip to US (also for work). I was lucky to be granted 10 year multiple entry visa and we visited San Mateo and San Francisco first time I’ve been to US.

When I moved to another job, I was lucky to be exposed to another training in Singapore then an exposure trip in India (Mumbai).

I have been blessed with work that I was given a chance to travel. I was able to go back to US on my next job and I was also lucky to be allowed to extend for one week to have a side trip in New York City. This I believe is the “tipping point” as this is where I started to be “infected” by the “travel bug”. When I was in NYC, I was in awe. So many people from different walks of life in one mega city. When I had Statue of Liberty Cruise – I thought to myself – “this is what I wanna do – get lost, see the world, be exposed to different cultures and food, etc.” Fortunately, budget air fares were also booming at that time and my US trip was followed by my solo Hong Kong trip (this is my first holiday!!!). I stayed in a hostel, I just read thru some blogs or tourist attraction flyers and I’m off for an adventure.

To date, the different countries I have visited are:

  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. Malaysia
  5. Indonesia
  6. Cambodia
  7. Vietnam
  8. South Korea
  9. China
  10. Taiwan
  11. Australia
  12. Great Britain
  13. France
  14. Czech Republic
  15. United States of America
  16. Philippines
  17. Thailand

For Philippines, I am positive I will be able to visit all the provinces and to date, I am able to visit the following:

  1. Ilocos Norte
  2. Ilocos Sur
  3. La Union
  4. Pangasinan
  5. Mt. Province
  6. Cagayan
  7. Isabela
  8. Nueva Vizcaya
  9. Ifugao
  10. Nueva Ecija
  11. Zambales
  12. Bulacan
  13. Tarlac
  14. Pampanga
  15. Bataan
  16. Aurora
  17. Quezon Province
  18. Rizal
  19. Cavite
  20. Laguna
  21. Batangas
  22. Occidental Mindoro
  23. Aklan
  24. Capiz
  25. Palawan
  26. Cebu
  27. Bohol
  28. Negros Occidental
  29. Camarines Norte
  30. Legazpi
  31. Iloilo
  32. Guimaras
  33. Camiguin
  34. Cagayan de Oro
  35. Davao
  36. Zamboanga City

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