Tibiao and Malalison Island Itinerary

Tibiao and Malalison Island are two of the famous destinations in Antique. Tibiao is known for the famous kawa bath but they have much more to offer.

My starting point is at Kalibo and from airport, I hailed a taxi going to Ceres terminal. Ride the bus bound to San Jose. You have tge option of going first to Malalison Islamd then Tibiao, but on my end, I started my Antique journey at Tibiao. The hosts I stayed at Malalison also offers habal habal service to Tibiao, thus I alighted in Culasi and kuya Ray (driver) took care of me from Culasi to Tibiao and back to Culasi. He also helped me secure a boat ride going to Malalison because I’m on my own. Habal habal ride from Culasi to Tibiao and back to Culasi is P300. Boat ride should have been P750- thats the entire amount to rent a boat for 5 pax (back and forth), but kuya Ray helped me find a ride and I paid P200. The name of their homestay is “Aling Sesilya Homestay” which was features in Byahe ni Drew years back.

My Tibiao itinerary includes hiking the falls, water tubing, and kawa bath. I would like to try zipline but such was under repair.

Travelling from Culasi to Tibiao takes about 30mins one way. You have to pay environmental fee amount to P50 while water tubing plus kawa bath cost P399, and tour guide going to bugtung bato falls is P250. You can do all these activities in half day. I arrived at around 11 in Tibiao and I have done all those activitiea by 2pm.

We arrived at Culasi port at around 230pm and enroute to malalison by 3pm. We waited for a boat as I’m just a joiner. Luckily the boat I rode at went around the island before we dock thus we are only able to check in at Ate Sesilya’s homestay at around 4pm.

We decided to trek and tour guide is needed to trek. Good thing the couple who were staying at the place I’m staying at also wanted to trek thus we shared the cost P250 amongst us 3.

This is the must activity to Malalison. And do it at around 5pm so that you can witness sunset from the top. The view is so amazing and you will see why they call it “Batanes of West”. You will see pitcher plants here too.

I paid P500 for my room, while dinner is P150. If you want to have breakfast, add an additional P100. Dinner is excellent – fresh seafood plus buko juice plus unli rice.

I highly recommend staying at Aling Sesilya’s homestay. Her number is 0929 3220927. You may also want to ask for their help touring tibiao and boat transfer.

I decided to sunbathe and dip at the beach the following morning as I was too tired already after our trek. I recommend to wear rubber shoes / trekking shoes.

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