Taiwan 3 Day Itinerary (Day 3)

I just realized it took forever before I can finish this post from 3 years ago!! First time I went to Taiwan was October 30 to November 1, 2015, then I visited this beautiful country last March 2017 and yes I haven’t made any post on it yet until now!! If you will ask me if I will visit Taiwan again, the answer is a big YES as there are just so many places to go to and food is really awesome.

On my 3rd day in Taiwan more than three years ago, I spent most of my day at Taipei Zoo. Yes, I’m 30++ but I will take every opportunity to visit a zoo.

Taipei Zoo is one of the biggest zoos I’ve visited to date. I got tired roaming the zoo and I wasn’t even able to see all the animals! Maybe I got tired as I got my hand carry luggage with me, but I really got exhausted :). Entrance fee is NT$ 60 for adults and NT$30 for students. For more information about the zoo visit their website:



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