About the Author

I am an accountant by profession but a teacher and cook by passion.
I love to read and buying books is more satisfying to me than buying clothes or shoes.

I used to hate running but now it’s one of my favorite physical activities in addition to yoga.

I love coffee and cake. This alone can make my day bright. I am a “cake person” rather than an “ice cream person”.

I look tough and intimidating on the outside but I am soft and vulnerable inside.

I love math and science and tries my best to be a good writer though I know that generally, those who are good in math are poor in english.

When I love someone, I make sure I give more than what I can and make him feel that he is always loved and well taken cared of.

I mature early but until now, I am still addicted to Naruto.

I love NCIS, CSI Las Vegas, Numbers, Criminal Minds, Chuck, and Bones. Sometimes I dream of becoming a forensic scientist.

I am so impatient waiting for late comers, but I am patiently waiting for “Mr. Right”.

I love to sing but I always sing out of tune but I sing well in a group. I always dreamt of performing in front of a huge crowd.

I am generous to my loved ones but tends to be thrifty for myself.

Fashion Center @ NYC

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