She Smiles

For every sadness she can’t show

For every memory that keeps haunting her

For every word left unsaid

For every broken promises she hold on to

For every messages and calls left unanswered

She Weeps

For every relationship that didn’t worked out

For every family, friends, and dogs she have lost

For every argument that goes ugly

For every movie that makes her feel hopeful

For every meal she consumes behind her wheels

She Hides

Every tear she can’t help but fall

Every heartbreak that she only knows

Every dream she can’t fulfill

Every emotion that shows her weakness

Every anger that fills her soul

She is the strongest and weakest woman I know

She is highly cautious but trusts wholeheartedly

She looks tough from the outside

She easily breaks from the inside

She very sentimental and indifferent

She holds on quite long but breaks away easily

She is an oxymoron

An antithesis of her own

She is envied on what she can do,

On what she has done

On what she has achieved

But nobody knows

How much she envies others

How much she hates herself

She loves hard

She is a free soul

She always seem happy

She looks strong


She is tired being alone

She is tired of many things that surround her

She wants to escape

She wants to scream

She wants to runaway

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