Ode to My Mother

She is petite yet the toughest woman I know

I was born thru normal delivery despite me weighing 9 pounds

She knows how to do karate; defended herself using hand to hand combat against guys who bullied her. She literally kicked their assess off which is something I have never done 

She used to have 22 inch waist line which I have never achieved

She can easily do bar pull ups which I am still working on

She is always 15 minutes ahead of her alarm clock, while I always snooze fifteen minutes more

She holds on to things much longer, while I may have already given up

She gives unconditional love despite me being stubborn most of the time

She is the best nurse when I am sick; cooks the best binagoongan as I crave for it. 

You can easily make her smile with a doughnut or a burger; she stays thrifty even with more money to spend.

She hates dresses, skirts, blouses, and makeups

She loves long shorts (tokong), rolled up shirt; pours coffee over rice for fried dishes

She has a good sense of humor and you can easily make her laugh.

She is everypiece of me, she is my unsung hero.

She is my MAMU.

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