Sixteen Things in Twenty Sixteen

Three years ago, I published a blog about my 13 resolutions last 2013. Some of the items I noted I was not able to fulfill, and I will just probably carry over those resolutions this year.

  1. In the past few years, each new year, I try to list down my to-read books. :p What usually happens is that I will start reading a book, and be stock reading it, until I have finished reading other books. So my first resolution will be – To finish reading all books that I have left unfinished.
  2. Run marathons or ultra marathons. I am hopeful to join at least 16 races this year.
  3. Sixteen new places/cities to visit in twenty sixteen. I hope to do more domestic travel this year as I haven’t been to Mindanao.
  4. Do at least 16 days of workout per month. There should be no excuse regardless if it’s month end closing, budget, etc. I can do 4-5 days a week during non-busy weeks, but I tend to slack during month end closing or busy weeks.
  5. I hope to meet sixteen new people. Better if we can become friends but at least additional network whether work related or hobby related. I met a lot of new people in 2015 (especially in the gym and running), and I am positive to meet more this year.
  6. Minimize sugar and carbs. I eat RICE. Like, TONS of Rice 😉 Since January, I was able to avoid sugar in my coffee. At the same time, I am able to manage 1 cup of rice only per day. Hoping I can sustain it and see its benefits soon.
  7. Replace my coffee with tea as much as possible.
  8. Each meal I eat should at least have a cup of leafy vegetables
  9. More oatmeal, more fiber in my diet
  10. Turn off data/wifi of my phone from 10pm up to 6am. Maximum hours that I should be online is 16 hours per day.
  11. I am guilty of spending too much time in Facebook. I have uninstalled FB app (only retained FB messenger). I plan to access only FB during weekend.
  12. I need to spend more time writing blogs. The last time I have written a blog was last November. I should be able to write at least 16 blogs per year (is there a widget/app that can show percentage of completion of a certain task)
  13. At least 16 minutes of quiet time per day, and allocate it reading the bible. I have planned reading the entire bible a few years back but I lost track. As I have read a number of books, I should be able to finish reading the bible in one year time
  14. Plant more flowering plants and herbs. I have a balcony in my condo and I plan to transform it
  15. Write poems, snippets, short stories, etc. When I was in high school, I write poems and have it published in our school organ. 🙂 I love to read poems and it is so romantic when someone writes you a poem or anything similar.
  16. At least each week, I will write something I am grateful/thankful for; and by the end of the year; I will read each notes I have written to reflect and see how wonderful the year have been.

I’m claiming that this year will be my best year. Looking forward to a great year ahead!


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