Missing Rikku

Baby Rikku

I still can’t accept that you’re gone. You’ve shared your life with us for only 40 days but you move us all. You are so small yet you give us the biggest laughs and smiles. You are so fragile and tiny but everytime you bark, you seem bigger and more assertive. You always stare at me whenever I change clothes and you always smell or use as blanket my soiled clothes. Your tiny tongue kisses me so softly that tickles my whole body. I always imagine you’re still under the chair sleeping on your blanket. I still imagine you’ll wake me up early Saturday morning to ask for food. I still imagine you roaming around my small room and making it your own home. I still imagine you try to out run me everytime I step out of the room. I thought you will be with me in my new home but you left at the same day when I moved in my new house. I will always think of you baby Rikku. You have touched my heart like nobody else did. I will always miss you lying with me on my bed, or you lying on my chest. I will miss everything about you.


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