An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

You have always been running around lately. Literally running ultra marathons (or marathons) at least once a month. You have been spending an average of 11 hrs in the office everyday, speeding up to meet the deadlines and running for meetings. You have been taking your breakfast/lunch while working or driving; you have been spending majority of your time either in the office or on the road. You have been running after the person who isn’t running after you. You have made a number of decisions without really taking time to think through it. You have loved yourself less. You have set aside your dreams and the things that truly make you happy. You have been trying to keep up with all the demands around you without really pausing and looking after yourself.

Breathe, as you do your marathons, appreciate more the beauty of nature. Do not focus only on your PR but focus more on the beauty of the route.

Breathe, do not only focus on getting things done at work, but do it with passion. Do not just focus on “doing things right”, rather focus more on “doing the right things.”

Breathe, sit down have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner away from your work area. Eat slowly, allow your taste buds savor the flavorful food you are ingesting, masticate your food well before swallowing.

Breathe, never run after the person who treats you as his option. You have to stop caring about them as you mean nothing to them. Don’t be afraid to turn your back and walk away. Walk away with pride and dignity as you know your worth. Don’t settle for someone just because you are afraid of being alone. It is always better to be alone than with someone who does not treat you right.

Breathe, slow down. Not all decisions need to be done in a heartbeat. Pause, reflect.

Take time to sip your coffee, smell the flowers. Read your dusted books; cook salpicao and bake revel bars. You love doing these remember? These have consistently helped you de-stress. Find time to include these in your daily/weekly tasks.

When was the last time you traveled alone? You let go of three booked flights this year and felt horrible about it. Spend time with yourself. Do soul searching and be back renewed and recharged. You need a break from the usual things around you. You need to find yourself, reassess if what you are currently doing are the things that you really love doing. It is never too late to start all over again.


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