My 2015 Marathon / Ultra Marathon Races

Sierra 5-10-50 relay
Sierra 5-10-50 relay

I always look forward joining any marathon/ultra marathon race. As early as today, I am already visualizing which races to run in 2015. I already have some in my list, I plan to run at least one marathon / ultra marathon per month. I am more closer to hitting my goal of doing 42 marathons by 42 years old. I’m thinking I can update this goal and probably have 42 full marathons and 42 ultramarathons by 42 years old. 🙂 Sounds like a better plan. Below is the list of the races I intend to join next year(at least). I likewise plan to train more on trail run.

January 2015 – Cebu Marathon (done)

February 2015 – Condura Skyway Marathon / IBATOQ

March 2015 – Salomon Trail Run

April 2015 – Mayon 160km Ultra Marathon

May 2015 – Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50km Ultra Marathon / South Luzon Ultra

June 2015 -QCC

July 2015 – Milo Marathon

August 2015 – 1QD

September 2015 – Tarayem 100km Ultra Marathon

October 2015 – Miyamit Falls 42km

November 2015 – Battle of Bessang Pass 65km Ultra Marathon / 1SCN

December 2015 – Run Makena 70km Ultra Marathon

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