Trembling in anger. Crying with fists closed. It was pure feeling of hatred and betrayal. A friend whom you’ve trusted all your life purposely made you believe of all his/her false statements. You’re supposed-to-be friend whom you expect to be truthful to you makes up all his/her stories. You were left hanging. You were used. You were abandoned. You can’t accept the fact that you were betrayed. Your vulnerabilities was used against you; taking advantage of your kindness and weaknesses.

You can’t sleep at night as you remember all the times you’ve shared, the trust that you gave, the promises you’ve made. Or even when you fall asleep, you will realize that you cried on your sleep and you feel heavy when you open your eyes.

You cry at the moment you think of him/her. You can’t forgive yourself for devoting time and trust for him/her. You shiver in the coldness of the night with his/her absence. You tremble. You fall.

But all these pains and hatred will be gone. Sooner or later. The sooner you forgive yourself, the sooner you will free yourself from all these pains. Don’t be afraid to trust again but be extra cautious not to fall into similar traps. Everything will be fine. In God’s perfect time.

I've been waiting for you

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