34 things I learned about life and love

Experience is our best teacher.  Most of us needs to see or feel something before we believe it exist or such is factual. Before I reach my 34th birthday,  allow me to look back on some hard facts of life and love which I learned and re-learned through experience.

1. Life is unfair
2. Shit happens even to good people
3. Someone will break your heart
4. You will cheat or be cheated at least once in your life (work,  life, school, love, or anywhere applicable)
5. Love is both a verb and a noun. It is both a feeling and a decision. In order for love to stay, one must really work for it. It must be done and shown, over and over again.
6. It’s never too late to start all over again
7. If there is someone you fell in love with deeply with and he/she left you, you will forget him/her and you can move on
8. Diet without exercise won’t work
9. Breakfast is one of the most important yet overlooked tool to help anyone survive the day
10. High salary can attract employees but cannot retain them
11. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.
12. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t hurt others in the process.
13. Travelling is the easiest way to understanding history and culture.
14. Price of fish and other seafood goes up when it’s full moon.
15. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and better.
16. You are never too old to study or go back to school
17. 20 minute nap is more refreshing than 1 hour of sleep
18. Travelling alone is a must-do to anyone who loves to travel
19. There will always be an inflection point in your life
20. What comes around goes around
21. Whatever goes up goes down; whatever comes down can go up if they will work on it.
22. Work life balance is relative. It is never 50-50.
23. Love yourself first wholeheartedly before loving others.
24. You cannot give what you don’t have
25. Warm hug can easily take all the pain away.  Hug your friends and love ones as much as you can.
26. A peso today is worth more than a peso tomorrow. Stretch your payment as much as possible without incurring penalty or interest.
27. 6 hour sleep at night is more refreshing than 8 hour sleep at day.
28. Loving someone wholeheartedly is never a guarantee that the other person will love you the same way you love them.
29. You will lie at least once in your life.
30. It’s always Ok to say no or admit that you made a mistake. It’s OK to cry.
31. Positive reinforcement has a more lasting and more effective impact than negative reinforcement.
32. Do not spend your 24hrs and 7days a week with your loved ones or anyone. You need time for yourself.
33. You need to treat yourself once in a while and don’t feel guilty about it.
34. Live below your means.

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