Action speaks louder than words, but…

I strongly believe that action, indeed, speaks louder than words as doing what you say is the confirmation that you mean what you say. Doing a thing is like converting potential energy to kinetic energy, execution of an idea or of a plan. But this shouldn’t stop us from saying what we feel.

More often than not, people who are in love says that action speak louder than words thus there is no need to say I love you often. But saying what you mean is a reaffirmation of your actions. Hearing those beautiful words lifts us up and experiencing the act of love keeps us strong. One must not stop from saying I love you as it is music to the ears… makes our hearts dance and beats fast. In this fast paced world, one must pause and stop to literally say (speak of) what he means. Actiob speaks louder than words but we must also hear it to reaffirm what we are seeing.


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