You Stood Me Up Again

I was in college and I read in a newspaper (or our school’s publication) an article entitled “you stood me up again.” I am no longer able to keep a copy of that article nor remember the name of the author, yet I can still remember the overall theme of the article. This write up is inspired by the article I read more than a decade ago and I have no intention to claim that my writing is an original idea.

Here is my version…

It’s February 14. Horrible traffic in the metro. I am sure that all restaurants will be filled with lovers for their Valentine’s dinner. I have reserved our favorite spot in our favorite resto a few weeks back. I left the office early not to be caught by traffic and decided to just stay at Starbucks near the resto.

It is almost seven pm. I walked my way to the restautant. A number of partners are eagerly waiting outside. I spoke to one of the waiters and told them, reservation for Jie. He eagerly lead me to the table and gave me the menu. I told him that I will first have a glass of water while waiting you.

I was skimming thru the pages of the menu. Everything is familiar.  Im the last three years, I have reserved the same restaurant and the same table on valentines day. The food and service is just excellent and the ambiance is so romantic.

The waiter came back with a cold glass of water. I sip a little as I continue to browse the menu. Will I have lamb chops or steak tonight? I feel like eating pasta marinara as well. Im excited to order and hunger slowly kicks in.

I glanced at my watch. It is already seven thirty. The lady in my right was surprised by his partner with a bouquet of tulips. The guy on my left proposed to her girlfriend with the ring hidden on the cake. Love is definitely in the air. I’m getting more excited as the time passess by. I’m excited to see you wear the pink long sleeves I asked you to wear tonight. You look handsomest in pink as I always tell you.

It is already 8pm and the queue outside the restaurant is getting longer. I took my purse and look at the mirror to check on my make up. The waiter approached me and asked if I  ready to order. I told him to serve me a glass of red wine. I am becoming worried as you are one hour late. Maybe he got stuck in traffic, or maybe he got caught with issues in the office. I pick up my phone to check for a message. No missed calls, no unread messagea. The waiter came back with the wine. I smelled it and took my first sip. I know that you will be here anytime soon. The table in front has already changed its customers. In my mind I was computing for the average turnover for tonight’s dinner. This day must contribute for the highest daily revenue and table turnover.

I was surprised that time flies quickly. As I empty my wine glass and check on my watch, it is already 845. I know you love this place’s fillet mignon thus i decided to order one for you while I ordered lamb chops for myself. The food should be ready when you arrive.

My order has arrived. I thanked the waiter and ordered another glass of wine. I checked on my phone and I saw no unread message. I pick up my fork and knife and started slicing the sumptuous lamb. You will be here any minute, I thought. You wouldn’t mind if I already started eating as you know that I am suffering from hyperacidity. I tried to enjoy every bite, carefully chewing the lamb. It was perfectly cooked. I took another sip of wine and took another bite.

It is almost 10 pm. The couples around me are preparing to leave. One gave his Visa card, while the guy in my left paid in cash. I called the waiter and asked for the bill amd told him to box the fillet mignon.

For three years, I have been waiting for you in the same restautant, on the same spot on Valentines day. I order the same food and the same wine.

The waiter gave me the bill and hand him my cash. I thanked him for the good service and excellent food. I have the box of untouched fillet mignon in my left hand.

You stood me up again on Valentines day.
And you don’t even exist.


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