An Open Letter to my Future Husband – While You Were Sleeping

It’s 2 am. Still too early to start one’s day, but I am ready to start mine. Somewhere in this world, I know that you are in the middle of your dream, while I am getting ready for my run. Don’t worry my love, I will be back before you wake up. I want to maximize my time with you thus chose to run at this wee hour in the morning. I will prepare a hearty breakfast after doing my practice run.

Why do I love running so much as I even prefer to run than to spend an additional hour in your arms? I run because it keeps me healthy. Through running I know I am investing for my health as an hour away from you may mean an additional healthy day for me to spend with you. I run to keep me sane and handle my stress at work so that when I am with you, I don’t have any heavy burden to carry around.

Running have motivated me to continue pursuing my dreams and never to quit as all the pain we experience is temporary.

I run because running made me believe that anything is possible. Running taught me to never give up looking for you.


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