An Open Letter to my Future Husband – Who am I?

I thought about you today.

I still don’t have a concept of how you’ll look, but the concept of you and me being together soon tickled my imagination.

Let me share something about me, though you may not be able to read this until we finally meet. But with the power of world wide web and social networking sites, I am positive that you will see this message though may not be aware that this is addressed to you.

I am a stubborn yet reasonable.

I am carefree though not careless.

I look tough yet emotional and caring.

I am firm yet open minded.

I am highly independent, but a good team player.

I love to talk yet I listen attentively.

I think deep but you can easily make me laugh with silly jokes.

I am homebody yet adventurous.

I would love a hug more than a kiss.

I dream big though remain scientific and logical.

I love pink, but not purple; blue or yellow but not green.

I am a cake person than an ice cream person.

I drink coffee after every meal and sometimes even before I sleep.

I am who I am and am not afraid to show the true me. I will likewise respect you for who you are and will not attempt to change you. You are you and I am me. We may not have commonalities but we definitely complement each other.

See you soon love.


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