Personal Statement

I was born into a family of two siblings in a small town in Cavite province, Philippines. My mother is a housewife and my father worked hard to support the family on a meager income. But what we lacked in terms of material well being, was more than made up with superior value placed on education. My parents unflinching support for my education helped me to get through school. In return, I study hard to reciprocate my parents’ sacrifices and hard work. I availed a number of academic scholarship from highschool until college. I likewise work as a student assistant to help minimize their expenses in my schooling. All my hard work reaped its benefits as I have consistently been recognized with academic and leadership awards.

But it was six words: teach minds, touch hearts, transform lives; conspicuously inscribed in the walls of a classroom at De La Salle University, that played a pivotal role in my love for sharing knowledge with other students. For three years, I was one of the volunteer instructors in our student organization’s (Junior Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) “accounting clinic” whose main goal is to help non-accountancy students easily understand their accounting subjects. In my third year of college, I was a awarded with Faculty Resource Program Scholarship. I was helping my professors in the Accounting Department in discussing some of their lectures, act as faculty assistant, and does other similar activities. This is where I realized and was convinced that the best way to give back to society and further advance my love for sharing knowledge is through teaching.

The strong desire for continuous learning have led me to take my Masters in Business Administration a few years after I landed my job in the corporate world. At the same time, I was given the opportunity to teach as part time instructor during weekend. My passion for learning and sharing my knowledge were revived and further enhanced when I went back to the Academe. As I work full time in the corporate world from Monday to Friday, I spend the nights preparing for my leacture as I teach one to two classes during the weekend. After getting my MBA, I transferred job and it made it hard for me to continue my career as part time instructor. This, nonetheless, did not stop me from sharing my knowledge. Time after time, (even if I am not part of the company’s Training team) I am invited to host learning sessions for topics including excel training, power presentation, employee retention, capacity planning and forecasting, staffing model, and the likes. I am likewise accepting mentorship for my colleagues and I am currently a mentor for two employees from different departments in our organization. The desire to continuously teach and share my knowledge never stops even if I am not currently taeching in the Academe.

Continuous learning and self improvement is one of my personal mission statement. I always ensure that I am able to acquire more knowledge thru continuous education, trainings, and certifications. I never stop myself from learning new concepts and ideas whether it is related to accounting or not. At the same time, I leverage on the learnings I have acquired to continuously improve myself and the people I handle and work with, as and when applicable.

In five years time, I see myself as a full time teacher, and have always envisioned myself to retire as a teacher. It is thru teaching where I had one of the most rewarding experience in the past decade of my career life. As a teacher, I feel a different form of contentment and fulfillment as I am certain that I am able to teach the mind of my students and share my knowledge and experience with them. Everytime I teach, I leverage on my experience in the corporate world making it easier for my students understand and appreciate the topics that I share to them. As a teacher, I help my students discover the different talents they already possess, but are not yet aware of. It is through teaching one can help transform lives of another as you share a part of you: knowledge, experience, and other learnings. I am certain, that through teaching, I will be able to contribute positively to our society, acting as a catalyst of change and improvement, as I will continuously and unhesitantly share my knowledge, be an inspiration and role model to my students so that I can likewise develop future teachers and leaders.

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