Thirteen Things in Twenty Thirteen (2013)

It isn’t about having new year‘s resolution. It’s about setting smart (SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals and realigning your daily tasks in order for you to achieve these goals. Some says thirteen is bad number/bad luck; some says it is a lucky number. Well I don’t believe in luck (bad or good). I am a logical and scientific (highly mathematical) person who believes in God. I just know that number 13 is:

– an odd number

– an integer

– a prime number

Fibonacci number

pythagorean triple

emirp – a prime number when reversed results to another prime number

So much being a math geek and so much with number thirteen. 😀 I’m thinking of doing thirteen (13) things for 2013.

1. Will spend more quality time with my family in 2013. I have been blessed with a car and I should be able to go home every weekend.

my family
family dinner

2. Will read at least 3 books per month or 36 books in one year 🙂 I was able to read 33 books this year, thus adding three books for next year should be a piece of cake.

life of pi

3. Will have 13 travel destinations in 2013. I already booked 7 via Cebu Pacific seat sale (Korea, Cebu, Laoag, Beijing, CDO, Hongkong, Albay). I’m likewise targetting to go to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia next year. Hopeful for more seat sales. At the same time, I will utilize my car to travel more in the Philippines.

discovering the world
discovering the world

4. Will cook more, bake more, spend more time in the kitchen. I will pursue this hobby and passion. This is where I am able to de-stress and express myself. I may leverage on in funding my trips or in funding my books-to-read/buy. :p

after the heat!
after the heat!

5. No more fancy coffee. If this is inevitable, 1 per month is allowed. I will spend more wisely and re-allocate my resources accordingly.

cinnabon at kape
cinnabon at kape

6. Maximum of thirteen minutes per day for Facebook. I must admit that I am wasting my time wall-stalking (this is unnecessary right), doing unnecessary, non-value adding stuff in facebook or other similar social networking sites. Instead of doing facebook, I would rather write a blog, read the news or read my book. I should be able to maximize my precious time.

7. Lose roughly 13 pounds by June 30, 2013. The last time I weigh in (3 weeks ago) I was at 61 kilos.  Holiday must surely added more weight (ugh) thus I will closely monitor what I eat and exercise more to reach this weight goal. At the same time, I should be able to join or do at least one half marathon per month.

happily running my 1st 21k
happily running my 1st 21k

8. I will write at least one blog per 13 days or at least 28 blogs in one year. I want to further enhance my writing skills and be able to express myself more and connect more to the world via writing.

9.  I will allot at least 13 minutes per day of quiet time to reflect on how the day have been at my plans for tomorrow. Most of the time we overlook our personal time due to overwhelming demands at work. There should be no excuse for your “me-time”. You can do this while you are eating, while you are having a “meeting with the president in your comfort room”, or while taking the shower. Allot time to be quiet and reflect.


10. I will find thirteen ways to play an active role in preserving the environment. Here is my preliminary list. Please share me your thoughts on how can I contribute in saving our mother Earth.

  • recycle as much as I can. re-use paper and plastic bags.
  • turn off the light when not in use
  • leverage on cold season. turn off your electric fan and aircon. open your windows! 🙂
  • refrain from using plastic and styrofoam
  • print less – go paperless
  • shut down PC or place in sleep mode after leaving office. Most of the time I don’t turn off my laptop.
  • Walk or run instead of driving my car. Car pool as much as possible.
  • Maximize use of excel, one note, power point, outlook for tasks to do, meeting notes, and the like. Leverage on the different applications found on your tablets or smartphones.
  • regularly clean your aircon or electric fan. less waste means lesser energy to consume

11. Allot at least 13 minutes per day to learn a new word, learn a new recipe, learn how to apply make up, or just learn about anything thru the internet, or learn about anything that can enhance my current knowledge or skill. I should keep track of what I have learned for the day.

Furoshiki from Ikuko-san 🙂

ichigo bag
ichigo bag from Sakiko

12. I will count to thirteen before I will react in any adverse/heightened emotion. I must admit that there are times when my emotions control me.  I will pause a while, think for a moment before I will respond to anything that I have received negatively.

13. Will increase my network and meet new people. I should be able to expand my network and leverage on this to learn new things,  make new friends, and take on new opportunities. My goal is to be able to meet/know at least 13 new companions/friends in 2013.

Aye Aye Sir!
Aye Aye Sir!

So what are your goals/plans for 2013? Plan early and make each day count so that we can easily achieve our goals. Today is the perfect time to start new! Not tomorrow but today! Act now! Carpe diem!


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