This is an informative letter.
It will never require you to do anything but read and be open minded.
I never expected this to happen, but it did. I never nurtured it, but it grew. I tried my best to ignore it, but it just wont stop. I just need to get this off my system, i just need to say it out loud.
I am not sure when or how it happened, but it just did. I just realized one day that I can’t stop thinking about you, can’t stop myself thinking about us. I am very careful with my feeling as I would never want to meddle with your relationship with anyone. I don’t want to cause pain. I would never want to cause heart ache. I don’t know where you stand as I can never know what you are thinking. I just know that I enjoy every moment spent with you as I always look forward spending time with you – non-sense talks, petty quarrels, and quick lunch.
I am doing myself a favor of saying all these things to you as I can no longer contain it within me. I am hurting and will continue to hurt if I won’t let it out. As one famous movie says – “When you love someone, you say it out loud, or the moment passes you by.”
You are one of the best persons I’ve met, and one of my best friends. I will always want to keep you as one of my closest friends as I trust you wholeheartedly; I trust you with my whole life. You are one of the kindest persons I know, and I feel so blessed having you as a friend.
After saying all these things to you, I will help myself move forward. Once I am ready, I hope we can still be friends the way we are right now.
Thank you for patiently reading this letter. For the first and last time, I am happy to tell you that I sincerely love you.

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