Things My Dad Taught Me

He passed away a few minutes before midnight of February 3, 2012. It was the worst feeling to ever experience. I have always been my daddy’s girl. He always wears a smile on his face, carried a lot of jokes, and never gets bored talking. He has tons of ideas he always want to share and never gets tired making people laugh. I miss him so badly every now and then and every time I miss him, I try to remember the things he taught me. He didn’t graduate from College but I’m proud to say that he’s street smart and have successfully raised his family.

1. Nothing should not stop you from learning. If you don’t have money to buy your own book, borrow from your friends. If you don’t have a book, read a newspaper, new or old, read a magazine… just read. There is no excuse not to learn new things.

2. Every Sunday, we go to wet market to buy food for the week. If last night’s a full moon, daddy will tell me that the price of fish is higher than it should be. I asked him why. He said that fishermen uses a lamp when fishing at night as the light attracts the fish. If it’s full moon, the fishes are widely spread thus fishermen have lesser catch. Law of supply and demand goes. 🙂

3. When you sautee, it’s always ginger first, then garlic, then onion. Excluding ginger and adding tomato, it should be garlic first, then onion, then tomato. And thus my cooking adventure begins early as well. At 6 (or 7) I’ve learned how to cooked “ginisang sitaw” – sauteed string beans. A very basic Filipino viand. He taught me not to over cook the string beans to retain its crispiness and nutrients content. Cooking never fails to de-stress me.

4. When your child achieve something, give him/her a reward. Reward need not be pricey, just reward the child/person to keep him motivated.

In elementary, I was with honors. My dad told me that if I’m in top 10, I’ll have an ice drop, top 5, then I’ll have a drum stick, top 2, I’ll have half gallon of ice cream, and if I’m #1, he’ll buy me 1 gallon of ice cream. I’ve never been number 2 or number 1, but this motivates me to get better and better and better.

5. Ratio and Proportion. At grade 1, I already excel in math, and this has made my way to my Math adventure. I am one of the top contenders every time there is a math competition. Math has always been my favorite (as it is the easiest subject). I never needed to memorize anything with math. I need not take down notes. It’s just math and my brain and I’m good to go.

my family
family dinner

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