Brooks Run Happy – A Misnomer

Hosting a running event is never an easy task. Week on week, a running event is held from all areas in the Philippines; majority of which is held in Fort Bonifacio. Majority of the runners have joined numerous running events; each running event brings about a new experience. There have been more than 100 running events that were organized since last year when this “sports” became a boom, but it seems that race organizers (still) haven’t learned their lesson. I know for a fact that there is no such thing as “perfect running event,” but the BASIC needs of the runners should be met in ANY RUNNING event. Organizers may have forced us to sign a waiver for a running event, but both parties must exert due diligence: diligence of the race organizers to at least provide the BASIC needs of a runner during the race; and diligence of the runners to be in good faith that he is in good health condition when he join a race and take necessary actions to hydrate himself all the time during the race.

But how can the runner do his part when the race organizers can’t even provide a decent hydration?

It’s simple math,  they know how many runners will join each category. They know the time of the gunstart, and they can easily estimate the time when the runner will pass by each hydration station. They know the number of runners, thus they should estimate the proper length of the tables that can accomodate the paper cups filled with water for the runners. You don’t need a statistician, nor a mathematician, nor an expert on this. BASIC MATH and COMMON SENSE are enough. I apologize for using strong words, but I find no valid reason why this BASIC requirement is not present. 

There were no kilometer markings, there were not enough marshalls, and the run started late. A nice singlet will not compensate for being irresponsible. Should we wait that lives will be at risk due to poor hydration?  

A shoutout to all running event organizers. You have seen in the last few weeks that starting the run after 5am is quite risky to runners, as at 6AM, sun is already up. Why not start the race at an earlier time?

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