What I think About when I Run

Inspired by Haruki Murakami‘s book “What I talk about when I talk about running“, I managed to come about with my own version; but this is more of an essay rather than a novel. Here it goes.

What I think about when I run…

When I run, I think about the songs on my playlist. Every time I run, I become more intimate with the songs playing… fully understanding what the song means; sincerely appreciating the musicality, the instruments used to play the song, the singer’s voice; the beat of the song; the effort behind the composition of the song. I am a music lover but I become more appreciative of music because of running. I try to pace with the beat of the music, and I felt out of tune if I can’t pace with the music. I sing out loud with my favorite lines of the song. I try to reflect with the lyrics of the song and see how it relates to my past experiences. The songs in my playlist  never failed to boost me to continue to run. When I run alone, the songs in my playlist are my only companion, and they never let me down. NEVER LET ME DOWN.

When I run, I think about my past relationships, heartaches I’ve gone through. The main reason why I got addicted to running is brought about my breakup and I sincerely owe my sanity to running. After doing my first 10k in October, everything was history. Endorphins pumping in my system really helped me heal and move on from my past heart ache easily. When I run, I think that losing the people whom I used to love makes me a better and stronger person. Running makes me realize that there is always a better day, better person to come along, better relationships that will last.

When I run, I think about how great our body is. A few years back, I thought runners who run for more than 1 hour are just crazy. I thought that running for more than 1 hour is one of the most boring thing a person can do. I WAS SO WRONG. Running for more than 1 hour is one great inexplicable experience. The happiness you can acquire from running half marathon is just amazing. I haven’t covered 42km but I am 100% sure that covering such distance is life changing. Your body is telling you to stop, but your mind tells you to go on and continue running. There is a little voice in your head that pushes us to go on and move forward; that pushes us to finish the race; that pushes us to cover longer distance

When I run, I think about the future. I think about what the future might bring to me. I think about the family that I will have, the children I will bear. I think about of how I’ll take care of my family; how I’ll nurture them. I think about the names of my children, the food that  I’ll cook for my husband.

When I run, I think about the wind that enters my lungs; I feel my heart pumping blood to the rest of my body. When I run, I become more intimate with my surroundings and myself. I become more appreciative with the different parts of my body; become more sensitive with what my body tells me.

When I run, I think about what I will eat after each run. Do I compensate the calories loss during the run with my succeeding food intake? Most of the time, when I run, I pass by a lot of fast food chains, and the smell of the food boost me to run some more. I will reward myself with the food I crave for after each run. Or sometimes, I tell myself that I will eat what I crave for if I will break my PR.

Every time I run, I become more intimate with myself, and the surroundings around me. I become more positive with life despite the past and present problems and heartaches. I become more forward looking and do not linger on the past. I become more spiritual and more faithful to Him.

When I run, I know that I am becoming the best that I can be.

Once A Runner.. Always a Runner
Once A Runner.. Always a Runner


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