Hyundai Fun Run – April 2, 2011

An announcement that I saw via that Hyundai will sponsor a free run on April. It mentioned that limited slots will be available thus I tried to take note of the date and time when the online registration starts. The date came, and viola, I was able to register hassle free.

I was on the notion that there will be limited participants on this run because it was what Hyundai mentioned in its post.  But I was surprised that the registration was re-opened, and extended for longer period of time. The first rumor I’ve heard is that there were more than 15,000 who registered online.  When I claimed the free race kit, I asked how many participants are expected and was answered: 30,000!

I was actually thinking twice joining this run. At the back of my mind, I was asking “how can Hyundai manage such huge crowd?” I have joined a number of runs and the run with the biggest crowd that I joined (so far) had about 13,000 participants. I’ve joined runs which were so unorganized, lacks hydration, route direction unclear, few marshals to guide the runners, yada yada. These runs where we paid hundreds of pesos (PhP500+) and resulted to my worst running events.

hyundai fun run map
hyundai fun run map

The run started a bit late. I had no issues with that, though I felt clostrophobic earlier there were really a lot of runners in the starting line. It was good that they assigned runners into separate waves to control the flow and number of runners as well. It is recommendable though that the runners were assigned to more clusters and lessen the time interval between waves (five minutes may be enough)  so that you will not bump to a lot of runners during the race. But still, I was able to manage to overtake other runners earlier.

There were enough hydration during the run. No paper cups were used, all water are in plastic bottle. But I thought it worked well because most of the runners dispose of properly the plastic bottles. There were no isotonic or sports drink, but water is sufficient for 10k distance.

KUDOS to Hyundai, all it’s employees and all who made this event possible!

I will post here the race result links and photo links once available.

Photos can be viewed on this website.

Key in your complete bib number to see your photo. Include zeros (i.e. 03215)

To get your race results, click on the link below. Instead of encoding your actual bib number, encode the bib number found on your rfid tag (the one you place on your shoes).

As of now, this link does not reflect your name. It just shows your wave start time, start time, finish time, your pace, category, finishing order (ranking). Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t show your name. I’m not sure if they will be showing your name in the race results later on as there is a caveat in the website that says that results are partial and unofficial. So just be patient and understanding. This is a free run, remember?

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