2011 Running Predictions

I was inspired by TheBullRunner to write my own 2011 Running Predictions. 🙂 Well, I am not a soothsayer and never believed on it, but this predictions are based on MCSTEEP – Market, Competition, Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Politcal Trend. (Dr. Antivola bring it on!) Should I be showing TOWS Matrix and SPACE Matrix on this article? hahaha, probably not.

1. Coach Rio’s life story will be featured in Maalaala mo Kaya or other TV shows. I haven’t been watching local networks shows thus I’m nut sure where his story will more likely be featured. But believe me, one of this days, you will just see his story being shown on TV. After his Tattoo commercial, what’s next! Go Coach Rio! You deserve all the blessings!

2. There will be more bandit runners in 2011 races. As the registration fee for all the run are going up, there is a big possibility that a lot of runners will opt to ‘bandit’. Though it is also expected that more and more people will be inclined to running – new runners (DepEd Secretary – Bro. Armin Luistro encourages us to run), veteran runners are more likely to be inclined to bandit.

3.  RUNNR will have a branch in Makati (Greenbelt or Glorietta 5).  As more people are inclined to running, they will opt to go to specialty shops. RUNNR has a huge potential to grow it sales by opening a new satellite branch. They should keep up with the demand of runners by providing more choices of brands and running gears.

4. Alabang, Roxas Blvd, and Macapagal Road will the new running homes for 2011 races.  As majority of the runners are very familiar with Fort Bonifacio‘s route, race organizers may opt to change location. Provincial races will also be on the rise.

5. Increase in the numberr of full marathon event. Last year there were only a few races which offered full marathon. This year, more runners will demand full marathon. Also there will be new race category i.e. 15k/16k, 25k, 32k, 35k that will be included from the usual 3k, 5k, 10k, and 21k distance.

6. Vibram five fingers will increase its demand but the demand will not sustain long. I would definitely want to try vibram five fingers but I will not invest my money to buying a pair of those. I am not a fan of barefoot running because we no longer live in the “old times” where roads are not made of cement or asphalt but soil. I believe barefoot running is recommendable if we run in soil but not in cement or asphalt.

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