34th National Milo Marathon Race Results and Photovendo

My first half marathon came in unexpected. I plan to run my first half  marathon next year in Condura’s run. But when I saw my friend registering for Milo Marathon finals, I said that I will join for 10k. While waiting for my turn in Runnr to fill out the registration form and pay P500, I realized that I am better off joining 21k run because the registration fee for 21k is also at P500 and I have a chance to have my first medal. 🙂 (Whew! I did my cost-benefit analysis! What the!) I hate being a financial analyst sometimes, over-analyzing, over computing, doing cost benefit analysis even for running events! So I ended up registering for 21k in Milo Marathon.

The following week, I met an accident because as I unload the jeep, it suddenly moved and I fell to my knees. Yes my knees are so swollen, had bruises and was bleeding when I fell to the ground. I was on my way to office, thus I continued to walk and hail another jeepney. Since this incident, I was not able to practice for my 21k run. My left knee always hurts everytime I run. I can only run for 3k without pain. Thus I decided to rest my knees for two weeks. On the week of the run, I was only able to run for 5k and 7k on two consecutive days. I just cross-trained and did some yoga to prep-up. I can’t risk my knee because I know deep inside, it hasn’t fully healed yet.

Dec 12 came, I was ready mentally :). I inculcated in my mind that I will finish the run by 8am (gunstart was at 5:30am). Everything is well until the 10th kilometer where my left knee is starting to hurt. And yes, it was mind over matter, I just think of “happy thoughts” and ignore the pain in my left knee. I continued to run and run and run, until I sprinted to the finish line. The time is at 2 hrs 32 mins when I cross the finish line, but I suppose my chip time is minus 1 or 2 minutes. I already knew that i will not get a finishers’ medal because I was over by 2 mins. But hey, they gave me my certificate and medal just after I crossed the finished line. I really thanked them because I never expected to receive the medal. Right after I grabbed my gatorade and water, my knees are burning in paint and cramps settled in my left hamstring. Thank God! All of this happened right after I crossed the finished line!

I am so proud of my performance earlier. Yes I am aching until now, and have 6 dead toe nails, but what the heck! I don’t care! I never felt so happy and fulfilled! Below are some of my pictures during and after the run!

My first half marathon!
My first half marathon!
running in action
running in action
running in action
running in action
they inspired me all thoughout the run!
they inspired me all thoughout the run!

You may download race results on this link:






Photovendo pics for 10k, 21k, and 42k runners can be downloaded on this link:


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