My Running Songs

I am a certified music lover. I sing when I take a bath, I listen to music when I work and study, I listen to music almost all the time everyday. My running adventure will not be complete without my favorite running songs. I have songs that have run with me since the first time I run, but I continously update my playlist as I go along my running adventure. Below are my favorite running songs. The first 10 are my ultimate favorite running songs. They never fail to boost me and push some more whenever I run.  Feel free to share your favorite running songs as well:

1. Summer Song by Joe Satriani – This song can never be deleted in my running playlist. This song has its magical power to keep my pace at least 9.5km/h, push some more, some more, and some more. It’s like an accelerator or gas (in a vehicle). It just let’s me to keep going and going and going and going.

2. Top of the World by Shonen Knife – This became my favorite since I started running 10k. I was at buendia flyover and this song played in my ipod. I can’t stop singing and running at the same time. I was really on top of the world during that time.

3. So What by Pink – This became my favorite after a major heartache. It makes me feel strong, it makes me feel that I want to prove something. It makes me run harder, faster, it increases my endurance. I really feel like a rockstar when I run.

4. I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy

5. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry

6. Follow you Down by Gin Blossoms

7. Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

8. Take on Me by Aha – this song make me feel like running and dancing at the same time. 🙂

9. Magasin, Toyang, and Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads – for long runs, I ensure that I also have songs that will keep me singing during the run. I need not only upbeat songs, but songs that will never fail to make me sing.

10. Tumatakbo by Mojofly – The lyrics says “Laging bigo, laging sawi sa pag-ibig”… “Tumatakbo ang oras, naiiwan na ako ng panahon”. Well this song motivates me to finish the run so that I won’t be the girl who is “laging bigo at laging sawi sa pag-ibig.” 🙂

11. Obsession by Sky Ferreira – courtesy of Ice Laja. This never failed to pump back my lost energy during a long run.

12. Never Leave You by Lumidee – from Ice Laja as well :). This song makes me wanna dance and run at the same time (seriously).

13. Forever by Chris Brown

14. Do You Remember by Jay Sean

15. OMG by Usher

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