Adobo Run After Dark 2010

Here are some of my pictures taken earlier in the Adobo Run After Dark 2010. Was so happy to have a solo picture with Coach Rio de la Cruz. 🙂 He is so accommodating and down to earth.

Adobo Run 2010
Adobo Run 2010
Adobo Run 2010
Coach Rio and JieAdobo Run 2010
Adobo Run 2010
Adobo Run 2010
It should have been fun but in the 5k run, there was only one (1) water station! I can do without water for 30 minutes but please remember that not all participants may be able to do this! Also, there has been a miscommunication in terms of loot bags. Each participant has a bib number with a stub for loot bag. When the finishers are about to claim the loot bag, they announced that only the first 1,000 of the finishers will have a loot bag. You should have not place a stub for loot bag to all the bib numbers you have distributed to the participants. Mental note, you should be very clear on this things. A lot of people have raised their concerns with the recent Adidas KOTR also because of the absence of loot bags.
Anyways, you can download RACE RESULTS (5k and 10k) here – just click on the links below. Was so happy to finish my 5k run in 33mins and 47 seconds. A 2-minute improvement from my previous time.
Adobo Run After Dark 2010 5k Overall   – download 5k race results
Adobo Run After Dark 2010 10k Overall  – download 10k race results
By the way, they announced that those runners who were not able to get their loot bags during the race can claim their loot bags at ROX. Just present your claim stub. I’m not sure though, until when we are allowed to claim our loot bags.
Adobo Run 2010
Adobo Run 2010

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