Adidas King of the Road 2010

Today, October 24, 2010 is my first 10k run. I managed to sign up for Adidas King of the Road to finally register for 10k. Results wasn’t so bad. I was able to finish it in 1 hr 15 mins and 56 seconds. I got blisters in my toes, but that’s perfectly fine. It only means that I need to get a pair of nice running shoes.

It was a long route. But it was fine because I got a new playlist for my 10k run. Best songs in my playlist are Summer Song (Joe Satriani), So What (Pink), Save Tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry), Take on Me (A-ha), Follow You Down (Gin Blossoms), Just Like A Pill (Pink), I Don’t Care (Fall Out Boy), Top of the World (Upbeat Version – I forgot the artist).

I felt a different kind of satisfaction and fulfillment when I crossed the Buendia Flyover. It feels great to pass through this flyover while running. This is the first time that I run, sing, and smile at the same time. I was like flying, especially on my way down of the flyover.

I started running last February, and now, I am decided to pursue my running adventure. I aim to join half marathon next year, and hopefully full marathon the year after. Training, determination and good running shoes are my basic ingredients to fulfilling this goal. Who can run with blisters on their toes?

By the way, Adidas KOTR race results is already available for viewing at

half marathon - my next year's goal
half marathon - my next year's goal!
I am the King of the Road
I am the King of the Road
jie kotr
jie kotr
kotr 2010 singlet
kotr 2010 singlet
adidas-king-of-the-road-10k-race-mapjie kotr

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