Runrio Leg Trilogy Leg 1: Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010

February 21, 2010; this is my first attempt to join a fun run. I never liked running because I easily get tired and because my calves muscle (gastrocnemius) is already big. 🙂 As a first timer, I registered for the 3km event. A week before the run, I practiced through the treadmill to assess my endurance and to know in advance how long it would take me to finish my first ever 3k run.   I run every other day (M-W-F) and rested on the day before the run.


Runrio Leg Trilogy 1
Century Tuna Run with DJ Tony Toni
my running girlfriends
my running girlfriends


It took me 22 minutes and 7 seconds to finish my first 3k run. After the finish line, we lined up to get our certificates, grabbed some free food, and line up for the photo vendo. We also lined up to get free magazines (Women’s Health and Men’s Health). There were also a number of showbiz personalities who joined the run including Derek Ramsey (whom I never saw), Rhian Ramos, Iza Calzado, and many more.  We also saw Manny Paksi and Coach Fred in the event (though not sure if they run as well). DJ Tony Toni (of boys night out) is also there! :).

Overall, the great experience I had in my first run has motivated me to continue joining other running events. This is a great start of my running adventure.

Manny Paksiw and Coach Fred
Manny Paksiw and Coach Fred
a few minutes before the run
a few minutes before the run

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