I got my NBI Clearance in less than 5 minutes

I will definitely recommend each of you to get your NBI renewal card so that the next time you will renew your NBI clearance, only a few minutes of your time will be spent to have it renewed.

Yesterday, October 8, 2010, around 12:20 PM, I went to NBI Monumento (Victory Mall) for my NBI Clearance renewal. It took me 20 minutes via LRT (from UN Avenue) to arrive in Monumento.  I spend another 5-10 minutes  walk from Monumento station to 5th floor of Victory Mall. Upon arrival, I was able to went straight to the NBI renewal machine, paid the exact amount of P115 (P100 bill + 3 5-peso coins).  It was as fast as balance inquiry and withdrawal from ATM. My NBI Clearance was processed in a snap! No more dirty inks when you do your finger printing. No more long queues! People around me who are in queue via the normal renewal process were so surprised to see me holding my NBI Clearance.

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