Journal 8.7.2010

After being insulted and humiliated publicly, I decided to delete my facebook and twitter accounts (temporarily). What’s the sense of having those if such was used to dump me without even giving a heads up. I just read such incident in a novel entitled “Handle With Care” and sadly, it happened to me.

It’s a Saturday and it’s very unusual because I woke up at 5:40AM. I try to go back to sleep but my brain in so awake that I decided to get up. I prepared food for me and my friend – corned beef and hotdog and steamed rice. Had my breakfast at around 7, while watching NCIS season 7 episode 1. After watching 2 episodes, I decided to go to the gym.

Honestly, I missed going to the gym. I missed body pump, and I missed yoga as well. Earlier, I attended body balance (yoga, taichi, pilates), rested for an hour, then attended body pump. I missed lifting weights and missed my energetic instructor as well.

After going to the gym, I decided to go to Glorietta to do retail therapy. I was able to find a good buy at So Fab, bought two books (Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – PhP 303 & Swimsuit by James Patterson PhP99). Good deal indeed. I also bought a discounted top (one I can use at fitness first) @ PhP 125.

I intend to finish Red Pyramid tonight so by next week I can move on to my next novel. I’m thinking of reading Charlaine Harris‘ 2nd book (Living Dead in Dallas) and not to bore myself too much with vampires (as I got 8 books of this series – Southern Vampires Mysteries), I will alternate with other non-series, books. I got 40 unread books to date. 🙂 so many books, so little time.

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